If you have a QuickData FTP password, please continue. If you do not, please call us or fill in the form at the bottom to request a password.

Step 1:

Please download the Easy FTP Shortcut below. Ideally, you should save it on your windows desktop for easy access, but feel free to save it anywhere you like.

Download FTP shortcut

Right Click and Save to Desktop

Step 2: 

Double click on the saved file. A new window will show up. Enter your QuickData FTP password.


Step 3:

The FTP window should show up. Open a separate new window, find the files or folders you want to upload, then drag and drop them into the FTP window.

Trouble shooting:

Check your firewall setting to make sure FTP port is open. Alternatively you can use free FTP software like FileZilla to access the FTP.

FTP Password Request Form

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